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At The Proper Pixel, we believe planning a birthday party should be one of the most fun mom things you can do. But we also know it can be one of the most stressful. Especially the first birthday. So. Much. Pressure. Social media, as fab as it is, honestly sets the bar so high on over-the-top birthdays that it can leave a momma feeling overwhelmed. 

So many things to think about! First, there’s the theme, and of course you need to come up with an adorable invitation. Then there’s alllllll the party stuff - cake topper, cupcake toppers, high chair banner, thank you bag stickers, birthday shirt. The list just seems to grow with every online search for inspiration. 

You want to create the whole Pinterest-worthy birthday party experience - color coordinated, on theme, and ready for all those adorable pictures. But you also have a job, a spouse, other kids, a dog, and All. That. Laundry. 

We’ve got you, Momma! At The Proper Pixel, we can help you pull off a great birthday party without pulling out your hair. So grab a latte, and let’s start planning!

Have a theme? We’ll work with you on an invitation. Need a theme? We can help with suggestions. You provide the party details (your kiddo’s name and age, date and time of party) and we’ll prepare an adorable personalized invitation you can send digitally, use on a Facebook event page, or download for printing and mailing. 

Cake toppers, cupcake toppers, party bag stickers, banners...we’ll design whatever you need. You can download a design as many times as you want, then print and assemble as needed. We make it easy to bring your theme together!

Birthday shirts? The Proper Pixel has you covered with graphics you can email for professional production (inkjet/sublimation/printed vinyl). Or, if you’re more of a DIY mom, you can download the file to print and iron on yourself. 

We’ve been there and we get it, planning parties for our own kids and working with countless moms like you. Together let’s create some amazing memories for your little’s birthday, with all the cuteness and none of the stress.


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